Buying in Bulk for the Home: Top Tips


For wholesale companies, the majority of their clients at any given time will be in the B2B sphere. This is simply because purchasing a large amount of products is not usually something done by private individuals. The benefit of wholesale is that units can be sold individually, thereby making a profit for a retailer. For perishable products like food and so on, a private individual can rarely use it all themselves while for other wholesale products, such as bulk sunglasses or ballpoint pens, a single individual simply wouldn’t have used for so many!

This is how it normally goes – but not always. There are several situations in which a private individual might indeed benefit from a bulk purchase. Sunglasses wholesalers Olympic Eyewear say that there are a limited number of such situations and an equally limited number of products that are suitable for this. Nevertheless, there is one example of private individuals buying products in bulk that is not actually so uncommon.

Bulk-Buying for a New Home

When moving to a new home, especially an unfurnished one, buying in bulk actually becomes more of a sensible option, both because it allows you to fill your home with what you need and to save a great deal of cash in the process. A new home is something of a blank slate, and it allows you to organize new storage and layout options before things become more set in stone. It’s also easier to see just how much space your home has before it is filled with all your stuff.

What to Buy Wholesale

The type of products suitable for bulk purchase is those you would like a continual supply of, those which you have the space to store in large quantities, and those which will save you the most money when purchased in bulk. There are several candidates here, including things like butter, alcohol, and trash bags. You can probably get the idea of what type of products work best for bulk purchases. However, it is not a foregone conclusion that you definitely should buy in bulk at all.

Top Tips for Bulk Purchasing

Often, it really does work out well – in terms of cost and effort – to make a very occasional bulk purchase of certain products instead of getting them as and when you need them. But there is a way to go about it. Here follows some top tips:

Consider The Space Available

You not only need to store the bulk products you purchase but store them properly too. You should consider the space you have free, but also whether it is suitable for storing your bulk produce – certain things need to be stored in certain ways.

Make Sure You Will Actually Save Money

In most cases, it does indeed work out cheaper to buy in bulk (when compared to the individual unit price multiplied by how many there are) but sometimes this is not the case. Furthermore, sometimes you can be lured into buying more products than you would if you were buying individually over the same period of time.

Choose Items with a Long Shelf

You should certainly avoid things like perishable foods and even some non-food items that can actually degrade over time. Did you know, for example, that liquid bleach loses its potency after around 6 months? 

Bulk purchasing can certainly be the way to go when it comes to managing a home economy. However, you are bringing a lot of stuff through that door, so you need to make sure you have room for it and that it won’t break the bank.