How to Pick a Wedding Theme


One of the best ways to make your big day uniquely yours is by selecting a wedding theme or style. Having a clear sense of your aesthetic will assist you in making crucial decisions about your wedding, such as the color scheme to use, the ceremony and reception decorations, and the mood you want to convey throughout the day.

However, choosing just one wedding theme might be difficult, given the abundance of options. We have advice for everyone, whether you’ve been building your wedding Pinterest board for a while or aren’t sure where to begin.

From wedding gowns in Singapore to the decorations, we asked specialists to give you all the information you need to choose a wedding theme or style, as well as doable ideas to make it seem special to you and your significant other.

Is a Wedding Theme Required?

Is there really a need for a theme or style for your wedding? You might ask if you need to assign your big day a style or theme name if you’re not feeling drawn to a specific wedding aesthetic. Although the final decision is yours, picking a theme or style may make the planning process simpler.

It is advantageous for couples to select at least one theme and one style. A few things are aided by the theme and/or style: it offers the chance for a unified design for your wedding, it establishes the kind of experience your guests may expect, and it also helps to guide your budget.

Additionally, having a distinct wedding theme or style will help you make decisions later on in the planning process about colors, decorations, entertainment, and menu. Beyond that, though, a wedding’s style will determine how guests will feel on your special day. The kind of experience you want your guests to have might also influence the style you choose.

Wedding Themes vs Wedding Styles

You should consider whether your wedding will have a distinct theme or style. Even though the terms are occasionally used synonymously, it’s crucial to distinguish between them to prevent confusion among your vendors.

The terms “theme” and “style” denote two separate facets of your wedding. Style is more closely linked to your aesthetic and more concerned with the wedding’s overall appearance and atmosphere. On the other hand, a theme is associated with a particular topic and adds to the specifics of the wedding decor.

Bridal packages Singapore usually have these laid out already for your convenience.

For this reason, maintaining organization is essential to pulling off your ideal wedding. Even just saving a few images and screenshots of your wedding inspiration will help you keep organized, even if you decide not to construct a Pinterest vision board.

The use of gradual planning is beneficial. When choosing a theme or design for your wedding, you might feel under pressure to keep adding to it. Asking couples to self-reflect is an excellent approach to see if they have deviated too much from the initial plan.

If the couple’s vision for their wedding is consistent with the theme, then it’s a terrific idea. So, having a particular theme is excellent if it fits your personality and you’re obsessed with it, but it’s not necessary, especially if a universal style appeals to you more. It’s crucial to decide what most accurately describes you two as a pair.