7 Things To Never Put In A Moving Truck


Packing up when moving to your new home can be stressful, but that doesn’t warrant packing everything you own into the back of the truck. When packing up your belongings to move to a new home, some things shouldn’t go in the moving truck, even if you don’t have enough room or other options. Here’s a list of items that are better when you carry them yourself or store them at a self-storage facility or even organize them for specialized storage and transport solutions such as climate-controlled storage units:

1. Flammables

Many everyday household items, such as LPG, cleaning supplies, cooking oil, and paint thinners, are flammable. These items should never be packed into a moving truck, as they could catch fire and cause severe damage. Instead, load these items into your vehicle or ship them separately.

These flammables require unique packing materials and may need extra time for delivery. It is important to note that you cannot ship most of these materials through the mail, so it is best to call the Herlihy Moving company for more information about how they can safely transport your flammables and valuables.

2. Perishable Foods

One of the worst things you can do when moving is put perishable foods in the back of the truck, where they will spoil in the heat. Pack these items in a cooler with ice packs and carry them with you in your car or rent a separate truck for this purpose if necessary. You could also pack perishables into boxes with paper towels and put them in the back of your car.

That way, you also prevent any contamination from other items that may be in the truck. If you had leftovers from dinner last night, dispose of them or put them in airtight containers and stick them on the front seat so they don’t roll around as much during the drive.

3. Corrosive Chemicals

Many household cleaners are corrosive and can eat through metal and other belongings. So, it’s best not to pack these in your moving truck. Instead, pack them in special containers and organize them for pickup by a professional company. Suppose you’re transporting bleach or ammonia, double-bag the items and seal them tightly. If packing hazardous materials isn’t an option, consider finding new homes for any items containing those substances before the move.

The last thing you want is battery acid spilling out of boxes onto furniture or carpets during transit. Let a professional mover handle these hazardous items separately to avoid this unpleasant outcome. You’ll be glad you did when everything arrives at its destination safe and sound.

4. Pets

Your pets are part of the family, so you want them to come with you when you move. But the truth is, it’s not always safe or practical to put them in the moving truck. They could get restless and damage your belongings if it’s a long journey. If it’s a hot day, they could overheat. And if there’s an accident, they could be injured.

So what’s the best way to move your pets? Contact your local mover or animal shelter for help. Most animal shelters offer pet transport services for people relocating within their area. They’ll know how to pack up the right supplies, arrange pickup at both ends of the move, and take care of the paperwork needed by the states you’re travelling through to your destination.

5. Family Members

You might think it would be great to have your kids help with the move – and it can be, but not if they’re riding along in the back of the truck. The same goes for your pets. It’s just not safe (or legal in some states). It may seem fun from their end, but there are a lot of other considerations: noise, tight quarters, heat, or cold exposure. It would help if you remembered that these trucks aren’t suitablefor carrying people.

Before leaving home on your big day, ensure everyone is packed up and ready to go. Load up the car or bring boxes to transport them yourself so they can at least walk away with you when it’s time to head off into your new life together.

6. Anything of Value or Sentimental Worth

When packing up your life to move, it’s important to remember that not everything will make the trip. Some things are too valuable or sentimental to risk putting on a moving truck. If you’ve irreplaceable items such as family heirlooms, collections of books, or even some artwork that means a lot to you, don’t put them in the truck. Instead, you can consider getting these items appraised by a professional and storing them in a safe place like an offsite storage facility until your new home is ready for occupancy.

7. Highly Breakable Items

High insurance rates and unpredictable circumstances make it always better to take utmost care when transporting fragile objects. If your item is irreplaceable or irreparable, ensure you have plenty of protective materials. Better yet, hire a professional moving company for specialized transport services. It’s well worth the cost since they are insured against damage and have specially trained employees in moving highly breakable objects, but not in the moving truck!


Don’t put your most valuable items in the moving truck. That includes things like important documents, jewellery, and heirlooms. If possible, carry these items with you or ship them separately. Also, don’t pack flammable or hazardous materials like cleaning supplies, paint, and propane tanks. They could cause a fire, create toxic fumes, or get hot enough to ignite nearby objects (and even potentially start a whole house fire). Instead of packing those items in the moving truck, hiring a moving company for a specialized moving service is the best deal. It will help keep your belongings and your family safe.