How to Build a Podcast Team


When you first start a podcast, you can do it all yourself – really! That is one of the best things about the great democratization of enterprise that the internet age has ushered in. And it is indeed best to start this way. Moreover, you can go pretty far on your own too; all you really need to get started is a decent microphone and an internet connection.

Plurawl, producers of inspirational podcasts for the Latino community, say that if you target the right audiences and produce content that you know will connect, the first couple of weeks and months can see stability and steady growth. However, eventually the time will come when it is time to expand, to make the type of podcast that can compete with the best of them.

Don’t Run Before You Can Walk

Of course, it takes a while to get to the point where you have a podcast with a video element, top guests, and hundreds of thousands of listeners. The best podcasts will always aim for this but, beforehand, the maxim “don’t run before you can walk” certainly applies.

The first step is all the preparation, where you develop your identity, settle on a host (and a hosting style), decide on the type of listeners you want to target, and create your brand. After that, it is launch time. Furthermore, you should ideally have a backlog of episodes ready to go, which will give you a grace period to respond to listener’s reactions, build the audience numbers, and promote your podcast far and wide.

If all goes well, it’s time to put together a team and take your podcast to the next level. This cannot be done without a good knowledge of the roles involved in making a great podcast. That knowledge well let you know who you need to hire.

The Most Important Podcast Roles

Project Manager

Leadership is vital in podcasting, and you are going to need someone to lead. Most likely, this will be you, but it could be someone else if you’re the one who’s hosting. Duties include sketching out the direction of the podcast and the management of all the other people who make it happen. Proficiency in these diverse roles is not required, but absolutely vital is being able to judge the results and make personnel changes if possible.

Outreach Manager

The outreach manager takes the reigns when it’s time to bring people on the show. They should be adept at networking and contacting all the guests in line with the desired direction of the podcast.

The Host

There is much that makes a great host, from a top presenting style to an ability to connect with listeners and to interview guests. Naturally, this is the most important role.


A good host should be able to form their own words, but they cannot write absolutely everything, so important information should ideally be supplied by a writer, preferably one who can also edit.

Marketer/Graphic Designer

These are two distinct roles, but since marketing has a strong visual element in line with your brand, a good graphic designer should be hired by the marketer. It is their job to spread the word about the show.

This is only a brief outline of the roles needed to produce a top podcast, but it should give you a firm idea of the extent of the hiring you are going to need to do. When is it time to bring these people on board? When you can afford it! That is the surest sign that it is time to grow.