Here Are 5 Reasons You Should Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


As most people say, the only person you should compete with is yourself. That means you should strive to become better than you were yesterday. Comparing yourself with other people only brings a negative impact on your life. It is a never-ending game comparing money, lifestyle, vacations, and fashion. The comparison may seem healthy and harmless. However, when you get used to measuring yourself based on others, it can be exhausting, and you might never get contented. John De Ruiter advises on being content with yourself and moving on with life post-pandemic. The following are reasons why comparing yourself with others is not good.

It Only Makes You Unhappy

“If I get this, I will be happy” It is common to think this way. Sometimes you think you will be happy if you get what another person has. It only makes you sadder. Someone could be having it all and still not enjoying life. Comparison only makes you more stressed and affects how you relate to others. Therefore, be happy by not comparing yourself with other people.

It Is Never Enough

Sometimes we think when we get something, we will feel better. However, when we get it, we want something else. You get a new job, an item, and you soon get used and want something else. Competitive people want to achieve more. They want to become better in every way. It is good to work that way, but always ensure you do it on your own, not based on another person’s achievements. It is never enough. So, the best thing is to be satisfied with what you have.

Some People Live a Fake Life

Have you ever seen a person post a picture of themselves on social media with a messy house, undone hair, no makeup, etc.? Probably not, right? Nobody posts their mess on social media. Everyone posts the best version of themselves, and most live inauthentic lives. When you compare yourself to such people, you are comparing yourself with something fake.

People Are Different

Everyone is created in their own way. In that case, we have different talents, personalities, jobs, relationships, etc. Everyone is unique, but most times, we spend our lives trying hard to be like others while we should be embracing our uniqueness. Someone can afford an expensive phone while you cannot because of different reasons like a good salary, debts, or someone who bought it for them. Therefore, recognize that people have different lives, which is why they do what they do.

You Fail to Recognize the Good Things in Life

Comparison blinds you from seeing the good things you have in life. When you focus on what other people have, you may not recognize the good things around you. Your friends, a loving family, good health, etc. therefore, before you look at what other people have, look around you and the things to be grateful for. Appreciate everything you have and find fun in life.

What to Do Instead

Instead of spending your beautiful life lamenting what you don’t have, take it positively and be happy for what you have. Live your own life and understand that people are different. As long as you know that, you will be happy and content with your life.