What Color Suit Should You Wear to a Wedding?


As you look forward to sharing this significant moment in their lives, getting an invitation to a friend or family member’s wedding is always exciting. However, after the original excitement wears off, you’re probably left wondering what exactly to wear? Although you may have a simple go-to suit hiding somewhere in your wardrobe, it is important to consider suit choices that reflect the sense of the day and match the wedding’s level of formality. Deciding on the suit you’re going to get from your suit tailor in Singapore can be difficult, from black-tie weddings to casual weddings. Using the following tips, you are sure to shine as a marriage guest without stealing the groom’s spotlight.

Casual Wedding Suits

It’s usually casual to find out the wedding you’ll be attending brings a sigh of relief as you won’t have to hunt down a cummerbund and bowtie. But don’t be fooled by the more relaxed atmosphere, you should always try to look your best. Fortunately, in terms of colour, an open dress code gives you a lot of flexibility. A classic grey suit is always a secure but elegant choice for a casual wedding and can be personalized depending on the right season with the right accessories. Furthermore, consider a plain navy suit combined with a crisp white button-down. A plain pair of khakis combined with a polo or printed shirt is another excellent choice for a casual wedding. It is appropriate to forgo a blazer at a casual wedding, but be sure your shirt and khakis are well-tailored to your body.

Formal Wedding Attire

We hit the formal wedding by working our way upwards in degrees of formality. For a more classic and understated look, wedding guests are usually expected to rein in the prints and colors at this stage. The most fitting suit colors include charcoal, grey, black, and midnight blue for a formal wedding. A good rule of thumb is that the best option is always a dark suit. Consider your accessories if you’re trying to add a touch of personality to your formal wedding suit. A patterned pocket square, distinctive cufflinks, or patterned shirt will instantly add a pop of personal style.

Black-Tie Wedding Attire

As you already know, black-tie attire is the most formal dress code, with no room for nuance when it comes to what to wear. In a full tuxedo and bowtie, you will be asked to come dressed to the nines and can incorporate accessories such as a cummerbund, lapel pin, or pocket square. You can only wear a black or midnight blue tuxedo as far as color is concerned. Although you may find white or ivory tuxedo jackets in your quest, it is important to avoid features that look like these as a wedding guest.