5 Great Car Care Tips For Beginners


According to Google Internal Data, about one-quarter of all automobile searches are related to maintenance and care. There are a plethora of reasons why you should care for your car. These include; cost saving, safety, high vehicle performance, and time-saving.

Here are five car care tips that will help you maintain your automobile.

Regularly Check and Refill All Vehicle Fluids

Just like how human beings need blood to live, cars require various fluids to run. Without these fluids, your car will either be damaged or fail to operate altogether.

You should always use the best windshield washer fluid, engine oil, coolant, and brake oil. Regularly inspecting and refilling these fluids ensures that your car is at its best performance.

Wash your Car on a Regular Basis

It goes without saying that cleaning your car is imperative for its performance and optimal state. Manual car wash is preferred to automated car wash. This is because an automated car wash may destroy your vehicle over time.

You should begin cleaning your car from the top towards the bottom. That is, begin with the roof and finish with the tires. Liquid soap is also recommended when washing your car as powdered soap may clog various openings in your car.

Inspect and Wax the Glass Surfaces of your Car

Visibility on the road directly stems from the state of your car’s windows and windshields. The indicator surfaces are also made of glass in various vehicles.

Cleaning and waxing these glass surfaces provide clear visibility and indicate the correct signal.

Other than waxing, there are also a number of ceramic products such as Nexgen Ceramic Spray or Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray. These sprays will protect your car’s surfaces from natural elements and give the paint coat a shiny look.

Inflate, Protect, and Coat your Car Tires

Car tires are the most crucial, yet regularly dismissed part of a car. Just like without feet, your car cannot function without tires.

You should check the tire threads to determine how worn and torn the tires are. Constantly washing, inflating and inspecting your tires for any foreign materials in the threads helps keep your car stable and roadworthy.

Most car owners do not know that tires can be coated and waxed just like the body of a car. Depending on the type of car tires, you can compare the best detailing agent between ceramic coating vs wax.

This will prevent weather elements from damaging your tires.

Read and Understand your Car Manual

After buying a car, a manual is usually handed to the buyer. This manual usually explains everything about the car and gives instructions on what to do in case anything happens to the car. Various questions like how to change a flat tire, how to apply ceramic coating, and how to refill vehicle fluids are answered.

This manual is basically the first source of information on how to care for your car. We will be updating more on the same, so stay in touch.